SEO Tricks IN ORDER TO AVOID Being Banned By Google

WordPress is one of the very most popular CMS today. It is easy to configure and use it for creating any website, but it was originally positioned as a platform for creating blogs. WordPress attracted to blogging a complete lot of people by the exuberance of the themes. But few beginners understand that not absolutely all templates are good equally, and to be honest, many of them are very dangerous. Choosing a quality template is not simple.

Maybe that’s why no one wrote manuals on the topic of the blog site building and created courses on how to create a blog? Now it is good to state that only a specialist may distinguish a really high-quality template from a mediocre or lousy one. If you face a question of finding styles for your site or blog on WordPress, be sure to read the article and don’t repeat the errors of many. The primary criterion for selection is the only appearance.

  • Close any operating order prompts and reopen the command word prompt window
  • Work the SEO Angle and Do Keyword Research
  • Development of integrations with other services or data sources
  • Now wait for some time to get the installation complete
  • Once activated, go to the “Plugins” web page and click Settings under the plugin

The design is not the last point, but there are more important requirements for a good WordPress template. The decisive and most important moment of choice is a way to obtain WordPress themes. Do not download themes from the first site you encounter, choose a style from official sources or respected ones.

This means that no critical mistakes, vulnerabilities, infections and spam links will be found. The official source of free themes – WordPress official catalog. All designs are tested and added to the catalog of themes and are available from the administrative system of your blog through the menu Appearance → Themes → Add (or Install styles in older variations of WP).

A trusted source is the website of the author or the theme with the commercial patterns, which is recommended as a reliable source by acquaintances or specific blogs / forums / community. The quality parameter will be the presence of a free template of the writer (s) in the state WordPress index.

If you down load a theme from an unverified site or want to make sure that we now have no viruses and spam in your template – you can use the energy from special checkers. Downloading or investing in a theme from a trusted source, we eliminate problem of spam links and viruses automatically. Also, in most cases, it eliminates the nagging problems with critical errors, vulnerabilities, and poor-quality code, which can damage the site or create a higher load on the hosting. Now, it is worth considering the quality of HTML code and its own derivatives.

For any website, launching speed is an essential parameter. Not only since it can be studied into account in Google’s search engine rankings. The main reason is that if the website does not insert for about 2 seconds, the visitor is likely to go away. “Failure” negatively impacts the positioning in the search, and the customer gets the loss in his business. The simplest way to check the download speed for the WordPress theme is wanting the demo version. Firstly, it is a great way to estimate the pace of personal impressions.

Second, the acceleration can be checked by you of installing with a special tool – Pingdom Website Rate Test, it gives you to calculate the amount of the HTTP-requests and the volume of style data files and scripts. Such an approach would only assume the chance of long-term loading. On the demo version website, some CSS can be included as well as scripts (JS) of the plug-ins – in this case, it is difficult to talk about the future download rate in mixture with plug-ins on your website.

Optimizing code is important the same manner as a fascinating text message on your site. Virtually all confirmed and reliable services use SEO marketing, this consists of using keywords to boost your website ranking (like pay someone to write your essay as for the writing services websites, or travel easily as for the traveling agencies websites).