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The Record Shop is one of Nashville’s new creative, up-and-coming recording studios. Sean Giovanni is The Record Shop’s owner/ music manufacturer/ documenting engineer. Giovanni also runs Balcony TV Nashville. Balcony TV is an internet music show that brings in well-known musical acts to do one acoustic song apiece out on a balcony overlooking a scenic part of a city. Balcony Television was founded in 2006 in London and has been franchised worldwide to Dublin since, Hamburg, Poznan, Brighton, Auckland, Paris, Brisbane, Edmonton, Rennes, Prague, Toronto, and Mexico City.

Nashville was the first U.S. Balcony TV, and has been followed by New Austin and York. I really like Balcony TV! Please describe your business. The Record is had by you Shop — which is a documenting studio, right? And you do Balcony TV Nashville. The Record is possessed by me Shop Documenting Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

After working as a freelance engineer and producer for quite some time, I chose it was time for you to open my very own service. My goal was to create a relaxed, creative environment that focused on the artistic vision of my clients. The Record Shop is a multi-purpose creation facility that has a diverse selection of devices, microphones, analog equipment, and recording areas.

One of my main objectives when working on a record is to fully capture the sonic path of the musician through creating the right vibe with a great performance. Furthermore to producing records, The Record Shop offers a multitude of services to assist our performers in effectively developing and promoting their work.

We offer video creation, website design, graphic design, and marketing. Instead of making the studio room a “one-stop shop” for these services, I searched for to build up a team of creative thoughts that could work jointly collectively, in order to provide excellent service at an inexpensive rate. In doing this, we’re able to not only give our artists a great recording, but offer the tools for them to promote the record effectively also. In an effort to offer our artists a very important opportunity to promote their music, I developed a monthly on-line music show called The Record Shop Sessions.

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The Record Shop Sessions, streamed on youtube and our website, features in-studio performances and interviews from a multitude of performers. As the show began to develop, I discovered an award winning on-line music show called Balcony TV. Balcony TV showcases performances and interviews shot from balconies in 16 towns round the global world.

I saw this show as a distinctive opportunity to help spread the word on the incredible music community in Nashville and abroad. We recently celebrated our twelve months wedding anniversary of Balcony TV Nashville and the show has continuing to grow as a respected outlet for songs on-line. What makes The Record Shop special?

I believe the commitment to the path of the designer is an essential requirement of the actual Record Shop provides. Just about everyone has the elegant equipment, but maintaining a clear vision of what the artist is seeking to achieve through their recording is priceless to the procedure. I start every task with a series of pre-production classes where we discuss the sonic vision of the materials, work out preparations, and allow everyone to obtain a feel for the studio room. By the right time we begin recording, everyone is on a single page, and we’re able to focus on recording the best performance.

I take the time to get things right, so whenever we run the playback, the musician hears precisely what these were hearing in their head when they envisioned the materials. The very first time I frequented Nashville, I had been instantly attracted to the creative atmosphere of the city. You go Everywhere, there is music being written, played, or recorded. A couple of countless, hard-working music artists and artists constantly creating.

Great songs are in the center of any great saving, and Nashville is a songwriter’s town. Day in and day out The creative energy here is truly inspirational and retains me heading. Using the amazing music community in Nashville, comes a higher level of competition. As the struggle to stick out amongst the audience can be mind-boggling to some, this problem has driven me to continue to place my spirit and center into every task I produce. However, there is also a sense of “family camaraderie” in Nashville that is not often observed in such a competitive industry. Nashville has a small town vibe with big city opportunity.