What Type of Wood Is Best for Wood Shutters?

If you’re considering installing wood shutters on your home, you’re likely wondering which type of wood is best for your shutters. There are four main choices: Cypress, Poplar and Redwood. All of these woods will look great on your home, and each has unique properties that make them a great choice for your shutters. Which wood is the most attractive? Continue reading to learn more! When you have any issues concerning where by in addition to how you can use board and batten shutters, you’ll be able to contact us from our website.


When you decide to install Basswood wood shutters in your home, you have several choices. First, you have the choice of a shutter made from either Paulownia or basswood. These shutters are available in twenty square meters. After your initial down payment, they can be delivered within twenty days. If you prefer, you can pay 30% TT and the balance before the container loads. please click the up coming post second aspect is to include all costs, such as shipping and taxes.

Custom-built shutters are an option if you want something more than regular wood shutters. These window treatments can be constructed in a variety of shapes. A skilled craftsman must be able to make architectural-shaped shutters. As each shutter is handcrafted, most artisans are willing to accept the challenge. With these meticulous efforts, you can expect your shutter to not only look good, but also function properly. Basswood wood shutters have been voted the best.


Solid panel shutters are made from poplar wood. These shutters are available in a variety colors and stain options. You can also order them in a color that matches your home’s style. These shutters have a 4.5-inch louver size that can be customized to match the rest of your home. They are available in 270/560/630m2 sizes and come with hidden tilt rods so that you have a clear view.

When you buy wooden shutters, be sure to ask for hinges that are mortised. Mortised panels will fit perfectly into your window opening. Mortised panels come with rabbeted stiles that help reduce light reflections between the shutter panels, and the window jamb. Butted shutter panels, on please click the up coming post other hand, have a significant gap between the shutter panels. To inspect the quality of the shutter’s construction, ask for a sample. You can also hold the shutter in your window to see how it attaches.


Because of its superior color retention and smooth grain, Western Red Cedar makes a great choice for exterior construction. Western Red Cedar is also highly resistant against decay, fungus and wood-destroying bugs due to its natural tannins. Water-tight durability is another reason why Cypress is an excellent choice for outdoor construction. Cypress trees produce cypressene, a naturally-occurring preservative oil. The natural resistance of cypress heartwood to insects and other elements is remarkable.

These window treatments can be made in a variety of sizes and designs. These blinds can enhance any home’s exterior and interior. These blinds provide exceptional control over natural lighting and cooling costs. You can also customize the shutters to fit your home and your preferences. Cypress Shutters offers free in home consultations with a designer to help you determine the type of shutters that will best suit your home.

What Type of Wood Is Best for Wood Shutters? 3


If you are looking to add shutters to your home you might want to consider purchasing redwood ones. You can make these shutters in a variety of styles, including custom or standard. A manufacturer has extensive knowledge about redwood and can make a shutter that is superior to a factory-made model. Here are some choices:

Redwood: This hardwood is known for its soft and light-weight characteristics as well as its reddish color. It is durable and resistant to decay, making it easy to work in. Redwood was the most popular wood choice for exterior shutters, before cedar was introduced. New-growth redwood is not durable because it was harvested too quickly. It also lacks natural oils and tannins. However, mature wood is highly resistant to decay and is an excellent choice for exterior shutters.

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