Fitbit Flex Vs Samsung Gear Fit • Love THROUGH THE Oven

I really designed to discuss this post in early January, when I understand many readers were debating buying a fitness tracker, but, the flu hit, and three weeks, poof, eliminated! So later than never better. VZWBuzz I get to try out some fun tech products. Verizon provided me with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone I use (that i love, I previously had purchased a Galaxy S2 and then S4). I personally purchased my Fitbit Flex and my hubby earned the Samsung Gear Fit.

I used the Fitbit for a long time last year. A lot is liked by me about any of it, except that it doesn’t tell time, and when I wear something on my still left hand, by habit I look at it to inform time. About 3,per day 208 times. Which gets a little frustrating.

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Now, fortunately that Fitbit gets the Fitbit Charge and the Fitbit Charge HR now, which do have clocks built in. Things I like about the Fitbit Flex. The first thing I think of when I believe of the positives to the Fitbit Flex are how it works with A lot of apps.

Any application that I’ve considered using, it works with, which is AWESOME. It’s also incredibly versatile on dealing with different cell phones and tablets. I’ve used it with my Samsung phones, our Sony Xperia Z3V and our iPad. Anything I’ve wished to use it on, or with, it’s worked well. It works with My Fitness Pal, the Weight Watchers application and a long list of others.

The compatibility of the Fitbit is fantastic. I love that if I’m monitoring using My Fitness Pal or Weight Watchers, it gets my exercise counted within for me personally automatically. I like the actual Fitbit app itself a lot quite, and how you can find your friends who are onto it. I love that it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. And I won’t lay, I love that you can replace the bands and find so many different ones. I have a few real Fitbit rings, and I likewise have a few knock off ones (like the polka dot band) that I’ve purchased, and the product quality seems the same on all of them.

I find the battery life on the Fitbit Flex to be great, and I don’t mind popping the tracker out to charge it. Unfortunately the cellular dongle (significantly, what’s that name – dongle?) that you put in your computer to link the Fitbit with your computer, day and today resides deep someplace under our range was knocked out of my laptop one.

Since I typically just use my Fitbit with my phone, it’s not been a big deal, though I’d prefer it in my own computer rather than under my oven. Oh, and I love the silent security alarm on the Fitbit. I get up about 4:20am to workout (yeah, that sucks, but finding child-free time ain’t easy) and I don’t want to wake my husband, therefore i love that silent security alarm buzzing on my wrist just.

I will also utilize it to create reminders for things such as “don’t forget to go pick your child up from school on a fifty percent day”. Overall the Fitbit Flex is a great fitness tracker. So let’s discuss the Samsung Gear Fit now. I assume the first downside to this is if you don’t have a Samsung phone, it’s not even a choice.