WAYS TO GET Approved For The Best Mortgage

As the Spring home buying season gets hotter, I wish to share with you 3 mistakes that will set you back BIG MONEY. I know it’s natural to visit house hunting, tour your dream home and then meet your realtor to create an offer. But before you embark on that american dream to home ownership with enthusiasm as well as your check book, be sure to plan correctly.

1000 right from the start. Not fun for your finances. Lets say that you decide to go home-shopping and make an offer on a new home and you are pre-qualified, but not pre-approved. If the lending company calculates your income in a different way than you did during the pre-qualification process, you might not be on the same page when it comes to actually closing the loan. That puts your earnest money deposit (aka binder) in danger and will set you back home inspection and appraisal fees.

What down payment options do you have? Will a small difference in deposit equate to conserving, or paying, tens of thousands in PMI? What about property foreclosure and type properties? There are certain loans that are for those properties and certain loans that are not for foreclosures and condos.

What if you made an offer on a HomePath property, but your lender didn’t offer that type of loan? What will that set you back? 1,000s that you don’t have to invest! See Chapter 13 for a complete dialogue on Loan Programs, and Chapter 14 for a full discussion on Loan Terms. How much vendor credit can you receive that loan types? Yes, certain loans enable maximum seller help for your purchase.

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For example, FHA allows for 6% vendor help, while the standard loan allows for 3% for an initial residence in support of 2% for an investment property. These are important discussions to have with your lender before your real estate agent writes up your contract offer to the seller. 1,000’s on the table and used your money rather than the seller’s then?

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The internal rate of return decision may contradict the net present value decision. Business practice dictates that 3rd party projects must have three distinctive accept signals before a task is actually applied. The payback decision guideline could override the web present value decision guideline should cash availability be limited. The success index rule cannot be applied in this situation. The projects cannot be accepted unless the common accounting come back decision ruling is positive. Learning Objective: 09-05 The inner rate of come back criterion and its strengths and weaknesses. I. average accounting return method because the information is so easily available.

II. inner rate of return because the results are easy to connect and understand. III. reduced payback because of its simplicity. IV. online present value because it is considered by many to be the best method of evaluation. Learning Objective: 09-01 The reasons why the web present value criterion is the ultimate way to evaluate proposed investments.